LADWP Overbilling Litigation

LADWP Overbilling Litigation

In September 2013, the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (“DWP”), instituted a new billing system. The billing system is deeply flawed, resulting in the DWP overcharging and incorrectly billing tens of thousands of its customers.

Using the flawed billing system, the DWP sends customers grossly inflated bills for water and power that were never used, miscalculates bills, fails to send its customers bills for many billing cycles in a row, and then sends huge bills for improper, inflated amounts. The DWP also bills based on the customers’ estimated (not actual) water and electricity usage. The estimate calculated by the billing software is wildly inaccurate, and does not reflect the customer’s historic usage, actual usage or reasonable estimated usage.

The class action on behalf of DWP customers is filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court. To read the complaint, click here.

If you are a DWP customer who may have been overbilled, you can email Blood Hurst & O’Reardon at, or call us at 619.338.1100.

If the DWP is threatening to disconnect your water or electricity while demanding payment of an inflated bill, we may be able to help. Contact us at or 619.338.1100.

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