The GEO Group, Inc., and SDCC Middle Block, LLC – Western Region Detention Facility

A class action settlement involving alleged violations of California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act and Disabled Persons Act, as well as breach of contract, at the Western Region Detention Facility in downtown San Diego, has been preliminarily approved. As part of the settlement, GEO has agreed to remediate (“fix”) the alleged architectural barriers at the Facility. Also, if the settlement is approved by the Court, Defendants will pay members of the class a combined $8 million dollars, minus attorney’s fees and costs, incentive awards to the two Class Representatives, and settlement administrative expenses.

Certain members of the class do not need to take any action to receive benefits from the settlement. Other potential members of the class will be mailed a claim form that will need to be submitted to be eligible to receive a payment. If you believe you are a member of the class, and did not receive notice by mail, you can obtain a claim form by visiting It is important that you provide the Settlement Administrator with any updates to your mailing address. To contact the Settlement Administrator, call (855) 678-0651 or Email

To learn more about the settlement, please view the Settlement Agreement available here. More information about the settlement, including updates, details about your rights, deadlines to submit a claim form (if necessary), and information about objecting to the settlement or requesting to speak at the final approval Fairness Hearing, are also available in the detailed Class Notice available here. The Class Action Complaint is available here. Defendants’ Answer is available here. The court’s order granting class certification is available here. The court’s order granting preliminary approval is available here. The court will hold the final approval Fairness Hearing on September 29, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. At the hearing, the court will also consider Plaintiffs’ request for a $2,915,000 award for attorney’s fees and reimbursement of expenses, and a $10,000 service award to each of the two Class Representatives. The amounts awarded by the court will be paid from the settlement fund.

You may attend or ask to speak at the hearing, but you do not need to.