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Facebook Lawsuit

Blood Hurst & O’Reardon has filed a
class action lawsuit against Facebook concerning the recent breach of
Facebook users’ personal information.
You do not need to do anything at
this time to join as a class member. However, if you wish to contact us regarding this lawsuit, please
click here to fill out the secure
form and be sure to enter the word "Facebook" in the comments field.

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Tacoma, Sequoia and Tundra
Rusted Frame Settlement

Blood Hurst & O’Reardon has 
reached a $3.4 billion settlement 
to have the frames of certain Toyota Tacoma, Sequoia and Tundra vehicles 
inspected for excessive rust corrosion. Corroded frames are dangerous 
and must be replaced, so we urge 
all class members to have their 
vehicles inspected. When excessive
rust corrosion is found, Toyota will 
replace the frame. The vehicles 
covered are 2005-2010 Tacomas, 
2007-2008 Tundras and 2005-2008 Sequoias. Inspections and frame replacements are at no charge to 
vehicle owners and lessees.

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Align Probiotic Settlement

Blood Hurst & O’Reardon has reached
a settlement worth up to $30 million involving P&G’s Align probiotic
supplement. If you purchased Align
you may be entitled to a cash refund
of up to $49.26. To be eligible for a
cash refund you must submit a
claim form by May 16, 2018.

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Joint Juice Class Certified

If you purchased the joint health supplement called Joint Juice, a class action lawsuit alleges it does not work.
You should know about the certified
class action and the upcoming trial.

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Active Advantage
Settlement Reached

A settlement has been reached
regarding Active Advantage
membership fees. Class members
can receive full refunds of the
membership fees and, funds
permitting, up to three times more.

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Our Expertise

The Firm’s lawyers have represented millions of retail consumers, holders of life, automobile and homeowner’s insurance policies, mortgagors, credit card customers, homeowners and victims of race and income discrimination.


The lawyers at Blood Hurst & O'Reardon have extensive experience litigating against life, auto and other insurance carriers on behalf of consumers. This includes actions against insurers selling term, whole life and universal life insurance policies for deceptive and unfair sales practices, overcharges and failing to provide the type of policy promised. They have also represented “burial” or “industrial” life insurance policy holders in race discrimination cases (with class periods dating back to the late 1800’s).

The Firm’s attorneys have represented consumers against automobile insurance companies who failed to pay their customers all the money due under their insurance policies, failed to pay for the diminished value of their cars after an accident, and for overcharging their customers.  Our lawyers are responsible for one of the few class-wide recoveries in the “imitation parts” automobile insurance actions, where auto insurance companies failed to pay their customers all they were required to pay.

Our Firm also represents health care providers against HMOs and other health insurers.

Consumer Products, Drugs, Food and Food Supplement Litigation

Blood Hurst & O'Reardon represents purchasers of food and food supplements for false and misleading advertising claims made by manufacturers and retailers about the products benefits, ingredients, safety and other attributes of the product. Our lawyers have represented owners of motor vehicles in product liability cases, purchasers of toys tainted with lead, owners of computer and software products against manufacturers for false promises and faulty products, and a wide variety of other consumer product purchasers for unlawful, unfair and deceptive conduct.

The Firm’s lawyers continue to represent consumers cheated or overcharged by mobile phone companies such as Verizon, AT&T, Alltel and Sprint.

Our lawyers have represented consumers in traditional false advertising actions, those victimized by so-called “negative option” sales practices, and owners of a variety of types of faulty computer equipment and software. 

Banks and Other Financial Institutions

The Firm's lawyers have significant experience representing credit card users, home loan borrowers and other types of borrowers and investors against major banks and lending institutions, including Bank of America, Washington Mutual, Countrywide, GMAC and Wells Fargo. They have enforced the rights of borrowers under a variety of state and federal laws, including the federal Real Estate Settlement Practices Act and the Truth in Lending Act.