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Align Probiotic Class Certified

If you purchased the probiotic
supplement called Align, a class
action lawsuit alleges it does not work.
You should know about the certified
class action and upcoming trial, what
you need to do and the deadlines to act.

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HAMP Class Certified

If you are a California residential
mortgage borrower who entered into
a HAMP Trial Period Plan (TPP) with
Wells Fargo or America’s Servicing Co.,
you should know about the certified
class action, what you need to do
and the deadlines to act.

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The City of Los Angeles
Overbills for Water & Power

The class action lawsuit alleges
that the Los Angeles Department
of Water & Power (DWP) overcharges
many of its customers for water and
electric service. The DWP admits
that its billing system is flawed,
but continues to send inflated
bills and demand full payment.

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Blood Hurst & O’Reardon, LLP specializes in the nationwide prosecution of class action lawsuits to obtain recoveries for its clients and correct corporate wrongdoing. We enforce the rights of consumers, insurance policy holders, homeowners, small businesses and investors in state and federal courts throughout the country. 

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Insurance Fraud – Automobile, Health and Life Insurance
  • Automobile and Other Consumer Product Defects
  • False and Deceptive Advertising
  • Wireless Phone Carriers and Equipment – Deceptive Charges and Billing Practices
  • Mortgage and Loan Fraudulent Practices – Excessive Fees and Charges
  • Credit Card Sales Fraud – Overcharges and Junk Fees
  • Unfair and Unlawful Business Practices and Deceptive Sales Practices

Our lawyers have represented millions of people and small businesses against large corporations, including life, health and auto insurance companies, banks, mortgage lenders, automobile companies, and a wide array of consumer product and food manufacturers.

Current Cases & Investigations

  • Bosa Development – Square Footage Misrepresentation Litigation
  • Food and Food Supplements – Investigations Regarding Bogus Claims
  • Hydroxycut – False Advertising of A Dangerous Weight Loss Supplement
  • Midland Annuities – Annuity Company Incorrectly Calculating Surrender Value
  • Probiotic Foods – False Advertising about “Probiotic” Food Claims
  • Reebok – False Advertising about Easy Tone Shoes
  • Toyota – Unintended Acceleration Litigation
  • Verizon Wireless – Data Overcharge Litigation

The Firm frequently works with other law firms throughout the country, and accepts referrals from other law firms.